Cigars have a way of letting stress melt away. They slow time, relaxing the mind and body. The idea of kicking back with a cigar is a break from the vigor of everyday life regardless of what kind you lead, or how much money you make. Throughout history and pop-culture cigars have been depicted as a luxury item for the wealthy and social elite. However, diving into the depths of this culture will prove otherwise and show that it is enjoyed by every walk of life. Cigars aren’t accessories for the ego, they are a luxury item for the soul and that has no social barriers. Thor L. Nielsen, Founder/Publisher of Cigar Press Magazine

Thor L. Nielsen, Founder/Publisher of Cigar Press Magazine

To me, PASSIONADOS is about friendship, catching-up and checking-in on friends, family and mates

It sounds so simple, but sometimes we need a nudge in the right direction; personally I know a lot of guys I only catch-up with or check-in on when having a cigar; some only via social media.

For a long time we have discussed this idea and now it is becoming reality.

The PASSIONADOS Cigar of the Month Club will deliver you a “Cigar for every Saturday”

The concept is simple; a cigar for you for every Saturday of the year (that’s 52 cigars by the way). You’ve probably already got a mate or two that either smoke your cigars or vs versa; now’s the chance to get it on an even keel.

Get together with a mate, a brother of the leaf and talk about life, celebrate it, commemorate it, but let’s talk about it – with friends.

Also, this is the start of something new, nothing too serious; but a chance to get together with local aficionados in your area and socialise; this has been overwhelmingly one of the biggest requests over all the years, but we never really had a way to do it.

Every month, I will personally host at least one cigar-get together somewhere in New Zealand; we also have a “core” of guys willing to do the same – so now is a great chance to get involved.

Starting this Sunday in Christchurch and then early in April in Auckland followed by Wellington and Palmerston North – I am going to be out and about all winter and summer long; catching up with new aficionados from all walks of life; sharing my passion and getting the “how are you doing” message out and about, talking (let’s face it, that’s one thing I’m good at) and sharing!